Hey, I’m Joris and I draw murals! Are you interested in a mural, any other kind of illustration, or just curious about the possibilities? You can find me through the contact form, email or cell-phone.

You decide what ends up on your wall and that can be anything. In case you are not yet sure what you want, I am always at your disposal to come by with a beamer to show some examples on your wall. This is completely free.

When you have made up your mind about what you want and where, we can make an appointment regarding planning and realization of the work.

When the illustration is finished, I will ask you if it suits your desires. Small details can be adjusted on demand.

Once completed, I will finish the work with a clear coating to make sure it is resistant to everything.


I offer my drawing skills. How you put those to use is up to you. My most beautiful works are made directly onto walls with a pencil. However canvas, paper, wood or digital drawings are also possibilities.

As shown by the examples, my expertise lays with a realistic style, but I’m also familiar with high-contrast paintings. With these styles I can guarantee great results. If you want something else, that is absolutely possible. I am always open to new ideas.


Here are some mural drawings that are already finished. Curious to see more? Go to inspiration.